Most Frequented Questions About IVF Treatment

How many times can you try a test tube?

There is no limit to the number of attempts. However, if pregnancy is not reached despite good treatments in centers, there will be a decrease in expectation of pregnancy as the number of trials increases. Sometimes couples with incontinent problems can reach pregnancy after many attempts. After 8 or 10 trials, we witness the stories of couples with a chance of pregnancy.

Does age affect your chances of getting pregnant?

There are many points that determine the chance of getting pregnant in IVF applications. The most important of these is the age of the woman being treated. The chance to get pregnant is the highest among women younger than 35 years of age. It is acceptable between the ages of 35 and 38, decreasing between the ages of 38 and 40, still maintaining our hopes in the 40-42 age group, and decreasing gradually between the ages of 42-44.

Is the number of embryos transferred a factor that determines the chance of pregnancy?

When we look at all age groups, the expectation of pregnancy is 28% with single embryo transfer and this rate is 45% with double embryo transfer. In cases where single embryo transfer occurs, many embryos can be freed back and additional pregnancies are reached with the use of these. In infertility due to the severely male factor, in the pairs where the sperm shows severe deformity and in the “azoospermia” cases where sperm production is impaired due to testicular failure, the chance of pregnancy again falls in the treatment of IVF.

Is it more common to miscarry in the test tube?

Miscarrying risk in pregnancies obtained by IVF treatment is slightly higher than in normal pregnancies. The reason for this is not the treatment itself, but the problem that causes it not to become pregnant.

Is vaginal bleeding observed at the beginning of IVF pregnancies normal?

In pregnant women, vaginal bleeding should not be considered normal and the doctor should be consulted. On the other hand, vaginal bleeding and spotting are very common at the beginning of in vitro fertilization. This may not necessarily indicate a deterioration.

What is the chance with frozen embryos?

Apart from the embryos transferred in some IVF applications, very good quality embryos can be left behind. Freezing and storing these embryos can give the family a chance for a future pregnancy. It is therefore a very useful application for patients freezing embryos. The frozen embryos remain 70-80% after dissolution and 50-70% of them result in pregnancy. The health of babies obtained by frozen embryos is not different from the natural pregnancy.

Should there be any diet before the IVF?

Although there are not enough scientific studies on this subject; some studies show that the success rates of in vitro fertilization in patients fed with Mediterranean type diet (high levels of vegetable oils, vegetables, fish and legumes and light snacks) especially during pregnancy planning (preconception period). The herbal diet of low-saturated fats in the Mediterranean diet, high folic acid and vitamin B6 are the main ingredients in the superiority of this diet.

Does heavy lifting affect the chance of pregnancy?

Contrary to what is thought among the people, the activities such as moving after the transfer, lifting heavy, traveling, coughing, straining, reaching high, and standing up after the transfer have no negative effects on the holding and continuation of pregnancy. During this period, it is recommended that doctors should be treated regularly and if the ovaries are over-stimulated and enlarged, they should be listened to in order not to have too much pain and discomfort.

Can the intercourse go on after the embryo transfer?

The continuation of intercourse does not prevent pregnancy. But, after the egg collection process, the ovaries can still be very large, vaginally used drugs, sometimes spotting vaginal bleeding, normal sexual intercourse process can be uncomfortable for the expectant mother.

Is it necessary to lose weight before IVF treatment?

There is no clear information that weight gain may have a positive effect on treatment results in overweight women before IVF treatment. However, bringing the weight to ideal levels, shortening the duration of treatment, decreasing the amount of medication needed, and decreasing the risk of miscarriage if the baby is pregnant with the test tube. For this reason, it is beneficial to come to the ideal weight against the results of the treatment out of the way, and to prevent problems such as low or gestational sugar when pregnancy occurs.

Most Frequented Questions About Dental Health Center

What is dental surgery?

It is a department that performs the diagnosis and surgery of all kinds of diseases related to soft tissue (cheek, palate, tongue, lip) and hard tissues (teeth, bones) in the oral cavity by performing operations in the operating room environment under local anesthesia, general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia.

What should be considered after dental surgery?

If you suffer from high fever, persistent bleeding, bad odor and painful redness and swelling after tooth extraction, if there are still complaints of blood, swelling and mouth opening after 4-5 days of tooth extraction, contact your doctor immediately.

Can anyone get implant treatment?

Yes, the most important criterion when implanting is that there is no systemic disorder that will prevent the fusion of the implant with the bone and that there is sufficient bone support in the area where the implant will be made. However, a systematic disease that prevents healing, such as diabetes (diabetes), if kept under control by drugs, does not constitute an obstacle.

Is a surgical preparation necessary in the mouth before prosthesis is performed?

In some patients, it may be necessary to perform surgery before prosthesis in some patients. In particular, patients who have lost their teeth a long time ago or have a one-year-old age may not have a bone area in the mouth of the prosthesis. Sometimes the old prosthesis may cause bulges in the mouth or a number of tissue irregularities. Therefore, it will not be possible to take a healthy measure without correcting them and make a suitable prosthesis.

How is oral surgery done?

Oral surgery is performed in operating room conditions and in a sterile environment by persons skilled in the art. Intra oral surgery, which is performed by local anesthesia, which is performed by anesthesia of the relevant region, can be performed by general anesthesia (narcosis) or sedation method.

What is the time and age of starting orthodontic treatment?

Your child’s first orthodontic control should not be more than seven years old. At this age, the teeth appear to be properly sorted, but there may be a hidden closing problem.

What are the advantages of early orthodontic treatment?

Jaw growth and the jaw structure of the permanent teeth on the more accurate positioning is guided. Bad habits that can damage the teeth and surrounding tissues are avoided. The structure and function disorders of the upper respiratory tract are treated in coordination with the related medicine branches. Particularly, the possibility of breaking of the upper front teeth can be avoided. By improving the physical appearance of the patient, it is provided to increase the self-confidence in the social aspect.

During orthodontic treatment, what are the dental care and attention issues?

The following measures help prevent caries formation during treatment and prevent damage to the appliances used.

  • After each meal, the teeth should be brushed as described by your orthodontist.
  • It should be cleaned at least once a day by using dental breaks, interface brushes and dental floss.
  • The dentist should visit the dentist regularly to check the caries and gums.
  • During the orthodontic treatment, appointments should be made without interruption.
  • Apparatuses required for treatment should be regularly worn in the manner and manner described.
  • Sticky foods (such as sugar, chewing gum, caramel, etc.) should not be consumed which may cause deterioration, breakage or breakage of the appliances.
  • Hard foods (such as cookies, carrots, toasted bread) should be avoided as far as possible, food should be eaten in small bites and bite with front teeth should be avoided. In the core of the fruit, the seeds must be removed by removing.
  • The process of getting used to the apparatus is about 7-10 days. Sometimes there may be pain and tenderness in the teeth, but also in the tissues of the mouth. If this is the case, you should act in accordance with the suggestions of your orthodontist, and in case of further contact with your doctor.


Strongly make your orthodontıc treatment to an orthodontics specialist.

Most Frequented Questions About Aesthetic Surgery

What is Aesthetic Surgery?

Aesthetic surgery is a shape correction surgery. In other words, the shape and / or dimensions of the damaged tissue and organs are changed according to the patient’s taste and ideal anatomic measurements.

Who Is Aesthetic Surgery Applicable to?

It can be applied to anyone who has a mental and physical health. However, there is an age limitation for some operations, or an age that is ideal for performing this surgery. For example; breast augmentation and rhinoplasty should be performed over the age of 17 years. In addition, scoop ear surgery is suitable after 6 years of age.

Does it leave aesthetic surgery marks?

Aesthetic surgery is known as no trace. However, there is no scarring operation. In plastic surgery, these tracks are hidden in places. For example, nose surgery in the nostrils, eyelid surgery, such as the curvature of the eyelid. In some operations, all traces cannot be concealed. For example, tummy tuck surgery.

Can I Draw Pain in Aesthetic Surgery?

Many aesthetic surgery is not painful as it only concerns skin and subcutaneous tissues. Even if there is a mild pain, this can be done in 2-3 days and can be easily controlled with pain medication. In surgeries including muscles, for example, tummy tuck surgery, pain and tension last longer.

Where should the aesthetic surgery be performed?

Although they are not as risky as vital organ surgeries, there are a number of measures that should be taken as in all other surgical procedures. These measures can only be provided by the technical equipment of a full-fledged hospital. In addition, surgery, dispensaries, polyclinics, diagnostic centers and similar operations in both places are not legal, but also extremely objectionable.

Is Breast Lifting Possible?

It is not possible to perform any surgery without a trace. . When you take the nipple down from below and move it up with the whole breast tissue and the breast is removed, the scar will remain. The amount of this may be more or less depending on the degree of sagging.

Can I Breast After Breast Reduction?

Breastfeeding operations with the latest techniques are over 70%. Normally, only 60% of women are considered to be able to breastfeed, if the problem occurs, the event should not be completely connected to the surgery.

Do you have a nose-free nose surgery?

Your surgeon may not need it if the nasal septum is not interfered. Beside this, the statement of tampons-free nose surgery is now a bit of fantasy.

Does Breast Prostheses Make Cancer?

This subject has been researched and documented for many years. In the US, baso prosthesis brands have received FDA approval after 15-17 years of research. One of them is the Mentor brand we use. Right now we can say it doesn’t make cancer easily.

Can I Post-Breast Prosthesis After Breast Augmentation?

There is no risk especially after prosthesis placed under the breast and under the muscles.

Most Frequented Questions About Aesthetic Surgery

Why Hair Transplant Operations are preferred in Turkey?

Hair transplantation has been performed since for many years in Turkey. This situation means that more cases are seen in hair transplantation. For this reason, the team who is very experienced hair transplantation in Turkey. Health tourism is quite trendy in terms of hair transplant patients are getting quality service in Turkey as well as in tourist visits to be carried out in this process. These plantation as well as the high number of grafts to be quite convenient and planted prices makes Turkey a preferred country in plantation operations.

What is the worldwide percentage and number of hair loss?

One out of 3 men and one out of every 4 women in the world is experiencing hair loss during a period of his life. Permanent hair loss rates are higher in males compared to females. The rate of hair loss which is 20% in the 20s increases to 50% when the age of 50 is reached. It can be understood that every two men who are 50 years old have a hair loss problem.

What are the reasons of hair loss?

The most persistent and common hair loss is caused by hair loss. Environmental factors, stress, feeding patterns or hormonal changes can also cause hair loss. It can be caused by various diseases such as hair loss or treatment of diseases such as chemotherapy.

What is hair transplant?

In order to provide an aesthetic appearance to the areas of hair loss caused by genetic or environmental reasons, hair follicles are taken from another region and transplanted to the deficient area.

What is the success rate in hair transplant?

The success rate of hair transplantation operations is quite high, as long as the right team and the right doctor and the doctor’s recommendations are followed.

Who can make a hair surgery?

Hair transplantation process is certified by the Ministry of Health medical aesthetics doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists and surgical operations are appropriate.

What can hair transplantation be made?

Permanent hair loss in the vast majority of hair loss in the completed donor hair with enough hair in the operation during the operation that does not have a disease that can risk a person or woman who can be transplanted to everyone.

Can nurses or health technicians do the hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation operations can last up to 8 hours and have various stages of operations. Hair transplantation operations should be performed by a team of at least 4-5 people. This team

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