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Dental care is a highly personalised interaction between the patient and the dentist and this interaction varies in terms of complexity. It is, therefore, difficult to give definitive guidance on what constitutes “good” dentistry or a “good” dentist.

Before traveling to Turkey, you should find as much information as possible about the treatment, so the Luna Health will help you to find the best dental health center in Turkey. Check our clinics, doctors, consultation options and special packages for implants, oral, dental and maxillofacıal surgery, orthodontic braces treatment and esthetic/cosmetic dentistry.

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Implant is a tissue friendly titanium etc. which is placed in the jaw bone to restore the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth. high-tech artificial tooth roots made of valuable materials.

Today, it is the first of the undisputed systems that provide the best alternative solution to natural teeth. Implant systems that mock the function of the teeth, aesthetically and anatomically, has become a most frequently used method. Implant systems have become indispensable elements in the recovery of aesthetics due to both tooth deficiencies and excessive tooth loss. The best aesthetic advantages are the best alternative solutions for the use of removable prostheses, especially small, easy-to-use prostheses that cannot be performed, such as bridges, which occur in the loss of the last teeth in the posterior region.

Most of us have to use a denture that has become a fearful dream. When talking with these large-volume prostheses that can be removed, they carry the concern of being able to come out of the mouth, the non-aesthetic appearance of the connecting metals while smiling, the necessity of avoiding the negative experiences that can be encountered in the food invitations, causing loss of communication and self-confidence. In the 21st century, implant systems, which are of great importance in dentistry research, are now able to get rid of moving palate prostheses.

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With the All On Four implant technique, it is a procedure to fix the dental prosthesis on four dental implants which are placed at certain angles in the full toothless patients.


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    In the upper jaw, anatomical spaces located just above the molars are called the maxillary sinus. The maxillary sinus allows the reduction of head weight and the formation of sound in our body.

    In the bone volume, a number of losses have occurred over time and the sinus cavities tend to move downward towards these spaces. These bone losses that can be accepted as physiologically acceptable are the dimensions that will not allow implant applications.

    Sinus Lifting can reduce the volume of the sinuses and increase the bone volume. As a result of this procedure, sufficient volume is created for the size and width of the implant planned to be fully inserted into the bone.

    During the sinus lifting procedure, the specialist can use the bones to be taken from the patient’s own body, as well as bone or inorganic materials from bone banks.

    In this treatment, which can be performed under local or general anesthesia, bone particles are placed between the jawbone and the sinus mucosa by the specialist dentist. Implants can be implanted after waiting for bone particles to form healthy bone tissue in a period of six months after the procedure. In order to be able to place the implants at the same time with the sinus lifting procedure, there should be more than 4 mm of bone in the treated area.

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    What should be considered after the sinus lifting process?

    In order not to continue the bleeding after the treatment and to facilitate the formation of clots, the first 24 hours should not be consumed especially in the mouth vacuum, hot and spicy foods should not be consumed, the hot bath should be avoided, the process is sensitive to the pressure, the flight should not be done until the sutures are taken and never smoking in this process should not drink.

    Ice application from outside will be good for patient comfort and bleeding. Care should be taken to ensure that there is a comfortable recovery and no infection in the operation area. Since it may cause stitches to open, it should be avoided to open the mouth too much and pull the lips to see the area being processed. Mouth should be sneezed open and hard to clean the nose should be avoided.

    Your prescriber’s prescription medication should be used as described and you should go to your check-up.

    A wide range of advanced dental facilities are offered to help you achieve implant systems, today’s implant treatment options, your ability to chew, your dental esthetics, your enjoyment of eating, your health and your quality of life.

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    How much does dental treatment cost?

    Dental treatment tends to be pretty expensive. A few states have laws that say health insurance companies must cover some or all of the costs of dental treatment if you meet certain requirements. But many insurance plans don’t offer any dental treatment coverage at all.

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