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Hair transplantation treatment is the process of planting hair follicles from areas where hair is dense (nape and side) to empty areas of the head. Hair transplantation is the transplantation of a person’s own tissue into another section.

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Fue technique: The follicular unit is usually a structure that contains two or three hair follicles (hair follicles) and is unique in itself. It has been shown that follicular units, which were not even aware of their existence, had untouchable structures which should not be divided and hair transplantation should be done by taking this into consideration. The follicular unit should be obtained very carefully under the microscope and carefully planted. Therefore, hair transplantation and especially FUE method should be performed by plastic surgeons who have experience in microsurgery and who know best the anatomy and surgery of scalp.

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The follicular units can then be placed in much smaller holes in the unbroken area after collection. Each follicular unit contains an average of 2 follicles.

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    The area where hair transplantation is done should not be washed for the first three days and nothing other than the solutions given by the practicing physician should be applied. At the end of the third day, hair removal at the hospital where the operation is performed and taking a shower every day for the next week will help to strengthen the hair follicles.

    It is necessary to take care not to rub anything and not to bump into the area where the first one is planted for a week.

    A few days after the operation, the bandage should be removed from the graft area and after the dressing is done, it should not be closed again.

    A week after the application, the skin begins to fall on the scalp. It is normal to have itching in this area. After a while, itching will disappear completely.

    15 days after the application, getting into the sea, enter the pool and shower with hot water is not allowed. Blow dryer and similar hair products should not be used.

    If the application is made in the summer, it is necessary to protect the area from the sun by planting with a hat that does not squeeze for about a month.

    It is necessary to shower with the solutions given by the doctor until the crusts are poured, and the head should be washed with normal shampoo after the shells are shed.

    Using a soft towel until the hair comes out completely and reaches the desired form, massaging the hair bottoms results in a shorter time.

    After a period of FUE Hair Transplantation with the use of hair mesotherapy method to strengthen the roots and to ensure the health of various vitamins and minerals can be applied. If hair mesotherapy is repeated every few years, there is no obstacle for you to have healthy and lush hair for life.

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    Hair Removal and Elongation After Fue Hair Transplantation

    After the FUE Hair Transplantation application, the hairs usually begin to shed one month later, which is slightly less in the dhi hair transplantation method. This is the natural result of the operation. It does not mean that the application does not work. On the other hand, after a while, more powerful and thick-stranded hair begins to grow in the area where it is sown.

    Approximately 6 to 8 months after the application, the hair will be prolonged and bushed. However, it is necessary to wait around 1 – 1.5 years to see the exact result of the operation. This period is not a short period of time, but it is a period of patience to wait for the final result.

    You don’t have to worry about your spilled or diluting hair. With the FUE Hair Transplantation which is preferred and applied by millions of people in the world, all you need to get your hair permanently and enjoy your healthy hair throughout your life is all you have to do. you will get. It is not difficult to get back to your old days with all your hair lost in years.

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    The most important feature of hair transplantation with Direct Hair Implant technique is that it does not require stitches, scars and cuts. The purpose of this technique is to ensure that the grafts taken to be sown from the back of the head are healthier and stronger by minimizing the time they are outside.

    For hair follicles / grafts taken from the donor site, no holes are drilled in the areas where the hair will be planted and the hair follicles are directly planted with special tips.

    The fact that the hole is not drilled into the region to be sown, also multiplies the number of roots that can be planted and enables more intensive sowing. According to the classical FUE technique, this technique is more laborious and lasting, while the healing process is faster since there is no incision.

    The most important feature of Hair Transplantation with this method is to ensure that the grafts taken for transplantation are healthier and stronger by minimizing the time that they are outside. No holes are drilled in the areas where the hair will be planted and the hair roots are placed directly into the scalp with painless and painless special tips.

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    • The most significant difference between the DHI Hair Transplantation method and the other methods is that it allows more hair to be removed as it allows for more root transplantation. Since there is no incision, the area to be applied on the scalp is more and it allows 75 to 100 root planting per square centimeter.
    • Since the incision is not made, it is much easier to determine the hair removal direction. This makes the hair appear more aesthetic and natural.
    • No wound or cut marks occur on the scalp because it is applied with very fine needle needles. Therefore, the recovery time after the operation is much shorter. Thus, it is possible to start to take root immediately and to grow.
    • It is known and carried out by specialist physicians only because it needs to be applied individually and with very fine workmanship. This, under the name of an esthetician, who do not know enough about the job, do not have medical knowledge of people to practice, prevents the emergence of various problems.
    • With DHI Hair Transplantation, the appearance of elongated hair becomes much more aesthetic and natural. This method is the closest to the natural appearance of your hair with the same hair as you get the same.
    • In DHI Hair Transplantation method, it is also possible to make hair transplantation from various parts of your body if your hair is not at your head or if it is not suitable for cultivation. DHI Hair Transplantation is also possible with your chest or beard hair.
    • In this method, the hair is placed by means of very fine-tipped needles and their direction is determined and bleeding does not occur in the scalp. In addition, hair should not be washed for at least 3 days in other techniques, if you have DHI Hair Transplantation, you can wash your hair the next day.
    • DHI Hair Transplantation can be applied not only for hair but also for eyebrow, mustache or beard cultivation.

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    In the FUE Hair Transplantation method, the grafts to be transplanted are classified by taking the hair deeply at one time. After this classification, the operation is carried out by making it ready for planting with a special chemical application.

    DHI Hair Transplantation can be expressed as hair transplantation. In this technique, donor grafts are applied individually without grafting. By means of a needle which is thicker at the micron level, the hairs are placed one by one into the roots to extend in line with the usual directions. During this placement, the incision is not applied, round nests are formed in the skin and grafts are placed there.

    The results obtained with this process lasting longer than other hair transplantation methods are more permanent and final. Since the application takes time, the operation can be divided into several sessions. This allows the patient to be applied without fatigue and without fatigue and more root sowing. It also allows the physician to be more careful and attentive.

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    In FUE Hair Transplantation method, a maximum of 30 grafts can be placed at 1 square centimeter, while this number can be up to 100 with DHI Hair Transplantation.

    In FUE method, blood coagulation is seen in the hole because the grafts should be placed in the area where the grafts will be placed. Bleeding may even occur. However, in the DHI method, there is no bleeding in the scalp because the micron sized round holes are opened by application. The success of hair transplantation increases with this application made by direct graft placement under the skin.

    DHI Hair Transplantation allows the application of breast or beard hairs on the scalp if there is no hair suitable for cultivation. In FUE method, it is possible to apply with hairs taken from head and neck.

    In FUE method, grafts can be taken apart because they are subjected to decomposition and they can not take root. However, the success rate is much higher since DHI technique is applied as soon as hair is removed. In addition, the hair follicle is not exposed to heat and light and is transported more healthy because they are not kept under a microscope.

    In FUE technique, the incision of the hair may be deviated from the incision because the hair is placed in the incision. However, no such problem is encountered in the DHI method. The direction of hair can be clearly determined.

    During DHI Hair Transplantation, the patient does not have to wait between sessions. Because grafts are applied one by one. Sections that can be divided into several parts can be applied on different days. In FUE technique, the patient has to wait a few hours under local anesthesia because the grafts are removed by separation.

    The improvement in the area of ​​sowing lasts no more than 1 week. After that, the patient can wash his head and hair as often as he wants.

    After the process is completed and the hair starts to come out, the hair continues to come out as long as the general rules are followed.


    After the hair transplantation process, recovery and re-emergence of hair, and the hair grow lush and healthy. Therefore, it is not right to think that the operation has failed and to be demoralized. It is important to be patient and not to stress. It will take a few weeks for healthy hair to be removed instead of the weak hair that is shed after planting. At least 80% of the expected hair loss will occur between 6 and 8 months. It takes an average year for all of the hair to grow. At the end of a year, there will be no trace of operation on the scalp and the hair will continue to grow out.

    How much does Hair Transplant cost?

    Hair Transplant tends to be pretty expensive. A few states have laws that say health insurance companies must cover some or all of the costs of dental treatment if you meet certain requirements. But many insurance plans don’t offer any Hair Transplant coverage at all.

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